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Affiliate Programme – additions

  • Affiliate Partners must be registered and a current up to date paying VIP Member of The Business Channel TV to qualify for the affiliate commissions
  • Commissions will only be paid for a new member that they have introduced and who when registering recorded their affiliation by using the relevant promotional link. Re-activation of members that have previously been active but who have been temporarily inactive will not be payable unless the period of inactivity is in excess of a full 12 months.


Expert Slot

  • The Business Channel TV agrees to work with the afore named client to produce the agreed number of ‘expert’ programmes according to the agreed schedule and content as signed off and approved prior to filming by the production director.
  • All clients accept and understand that their programme is not to be used as a sales pitch and that the final edit is the responsibility of The Business Channel TV. Should we feel that the content is too ‘sales pitch’ bias we will reserve the right to review the content with the client and if deemed necessary to film again before approval for broadcast.
  • As a client agreeing to the programming schedule you accept that it is your responsibility to provide the content outline in advance of the filming schedule in order that it can be approved and if necessary edited to comply with the guidelines and standards that The Business Channel TV promise to deliver to it’s members.
  • If for any reason The Business Channel TV discovers ‘bad press’ or substantial negative information relating to the client or the clients company that could cause the image of The Business Channel TV to be compromised, it reserves the right to suspend or remove from broadcast all programmes relating to the client. Should this happen after a programme has been filmed the client will work with The Business Channel TV to address the issues and accepts that until it is resolved the programmes will not be broadcast.
  • The client agrees that it must maintain VIP Membership to The Business Channel TV membership programme and that programmes can and will only be broadcast whilst VIP membership is valid. Should the client for whatever reason at any time cease to be a paying member then it accepts that programmes previously being broadcast will be removed.
  • The Business Channel TV agrees with the client to produce and make available for viewing the agreed number of programmes and to maintain this availability for a period of 12 months from the date of approval post editing. After the 12 months has elapsed these programmes will be removed.
  • Should a client desire to maintain a presence in our programming after this initial period then a new 12 month agreement must be signed. According to the standards set for members by The Business Channel TV, to provide up to date and current expert advice, there is a requirement for programmes to be reviewed, re-filmed and edited at the discretion of The Business Channel TV production director before being accepted for broadcast under the new agreement.
  • The Business Channel TV agrees to allow and facilitate the streaming of the programmes created by and for the client on the clients own website. It is understood that the programme and all video content is, and remains at all times, the property of The Business Channel TV and that a client is granted broadcast right via our own streaming facility but that at no time can the client attempt to capture, re-sell or re-purpose the video content. Should it appear that the client is or has been attempting to do thi,s then The Business Channel TV reserve the right to immediately remove all programming from the broadcast server and prevent any further streaming.
  • The Business Channel TV is committed to providing expert advice and information rich programming to assist the members in their business challenges. It recognises that many of the membership community will subsequently approach the client following the viewing of the programme and look to establish a business relationship. This may or may not progress into sales or trade in any form but it is clearly understood that The Business Channel TV makes no representation in any way shape or form as to the potential returns or resulting sales for the client from members as a direct result of the program creation or broadcast. The client accepts that the agreement to create programming is viewed as a marketing venture and no guarantee as to sales return is implied or given.


Membership Terms And Conditions


  • The Business Channel TV is committed to providing a central portal for members of it’s business community. The mission is to adhere to the founding principles that knowledge and connection are fundamental corner stones for business growth. Our ‘Learn – Connect – Profit’ mantra endorses our ‘reason d’etre’ to help our members grow their businesses by providing expert advice alongside access to fellow members within a secure community. We actively invite and encourage our members to ‘join in’ and to ask for the topics or the experts that they would like to see covered or recorded as well as inviting involvement at our live events and welcoming suggestions for program ideas.
  • The Business Channel TV makes NO promise whatsoever to furnish the member with additional sales or revenue and there is NO suggestion at any time that membership will result in a profit for the member merely by being ‘live’. Our suggestion is simply that by maximising a membership profile with enhanced features such as a VIP Video Profile and that by using the community feature of placing offers in the ‘Members Offer’ area and by fully utilizing the connections facilitated by the ‘Members Directory’ then there is a strong possibility.
  • The Business Channel TV is driven to help. The mission is one of serving the community and providing, within reason, what is asked for by our members in terms of content topics etc. To that end we always want the member to be feeling that the service represents ‘value for money’ and at no time is it the practice of The Business Channel TV to ‘trap’ the member or to make it difficult to leave. The Business Channel TV makes no contract with the member other than a verbal agreement to always try to ‘make it work’ for the member in terms of value. Should the member feel at any time that the service is no longer representing value for money to them, they are able to cease membership with no penalty. A simple email notifying us of their intention to leave and cancellation of the payments that are set up is all that is required.
  • As stated, The Business Channel TV are committed to delivering value. If in the event of the member terminating their agreement and feeling that their past month of membership did not deliver what they expected then The Business Channel TV agrees to refund that last payment and allow the membership subscription to be terminated should that be the wishes of the member.


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