Knowledge is a Game Changer!

A Life Line In Times Of Challenge

With your business there are times of struggle…and in times of struggle a word from the wise could be the difference it takes between seeing light at the end of the tunnel or more months of misery.

A Boost On YourWay Up

Business growth means stretching up and often too means facing challenges you havent had before…and tapping into proven experts across a massive range of business subjects will help you manage that growth and optimise your choices.

Learning Of All Types For All Occasions

The ‘Learning Library’ video vault is extensive! Hundreds of programmes in a range of styles…some technical, some factual, some inspirational – but all helpful. Always there when you have a challenge or a desire – perfect!

If you would like to take your business to the next level with BCTV then it’s time to…

We Are Here to Help

Conscious business

Underneath all of this is our core drive towards ‘Conscious Business’.

Simply an attitude that puts people and planet before pure profits. An attitude where business does not hide behind ‘legalese’ and small print and does not make excuses to justify ripping someone off. The Business Channel TV stands proudly for a code of practice and standards that says “You do not have to lie and engage in ‘sharp practice’ in order to be successful.

We are against the tactics often deployed by multi-national corporations where they claim for example, that they didn’t know about misleading figures for fuel consumption or they didn’t know that there was a habit of mis-selling toxic assets in finance or with international food giants using below standard ingredients or knowingly sourcing from less reputable sources that endanger our livelihoods and the very planet itself.

We stand against destruction of rain forests and raping of the seas or exploitation of labour in developing countries and knowingly under-delivering on value all in the name of profits. It is NOT necessary! Business does not need this toxic approach and so our mission here is to give YOU the support and expert knowledge to become more successful without resorting to poor practice.

The Business Channel TV is working with you to develop leaders of tomorrow for a healthier business environment.

Why We Get Out Of  Bed In The Morning…

Our driving energy is a simple one – we are driven to help the smaller business so that the hardship, struggle and pain that this business journey brings are minimised or removed..

Everyday thousands of homes are impacted when a business is struggling. Everyday a married couple might fight over the money shortages and everyday a child in that home might be subject to life-changing stresses and trauma.

We believe that there is NO WAY any person should suffer.

Our commitment is to helping, sharing, giving and caring. Together we can share ideas to help that struggle and in turn maybe prevent a child from abuse and a marriage from destruction and people lives being damaged because of a business not going quite how it was designed. We commit to creating a wide range of stimulating and informative programming covering all aspects of ‘Business’ and helping connect people together for the good of all.

The Business Channel TV will work with you whenever possible, to create programming that directly suits your area of need.

We say, “Stand With Us’.

We say “Lets share knowledge and work together so that everybody wins”.
We say “We win in business when we work together instead of squeezing others out”.

We say “Together we create a stronger economy, a stronger community and a stronger business environment globally”.

The Business Channel TV presents to you the idea that business success can and is achieved more easily when people work with people with a spirit of fairness and honesty. Work with us and let us all benefit.

Whatever your situation or desire level The Business Channel TV is your partner – always there to help with  information-packed programmes produced with recognised experts sharing knowledge openly.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

Accept This Invitation & Start Your Own Business Turnaround Within 30 Days!

If your business and results have been stuck in a rut, flat-lining or uninspiring, then this may be the most important message you read for some time.

If you’re serious about your business, your results and helping as many people as possible then we’d love to invite you to a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL and unlimited access to a new goldmine of business knowledge, tips and wisdom called

Created by a hand-picked group of highly regarded experts, entrepreneurs and successful professionals, the business channel TV allows serious results focussed business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals access to a wealth of real-life results-producing information in a single easy-to-use location.

We’re so confident you’re going to love our ever expanding panel of experts and transformational business advice that we invite you to test us out for FREE for 30 days. All you need to do is go HERE and activate your trial membership and for 30 days you can dip in and out as much or as little as you like.

What can you expect?

Here’s a small sample of the vital business and success concepts and strategies we cover:

How to become a master salesperson
How to write ads, scripts and words which get big results
Using the power of your mind to get the edge
Linked-In – the best ways to use this powerful business tool for increased business, quality leads and improved profile.
Strategies for maximum returns using the telephone
Crafting your effective business strategy
How to position yourself as the go-to person in your market
Harnessing your people and your own untapped skills for the results you dreamed of
What they don’t tell you about making key connections
Why every small business should consider using Public Relations for increased profits

“And can I access all this for FREE!?”

Yes! For the next 30 days you have unlimited access to all our content. If you love it you can then continue on a nominal subscription basis (just 67p per day!… less than a cup of tea).

Imagine what massive business benefit might you gain from just one light-bulb moment from just one of the hundreds of experts videos? Sometimes all it takes is just one simple idea that transforms your business. Imagine how much better you will feel if you tune in and enjoy the daily inspirational videos and the impact on that for you translates into more sales, higher profits and increased performances all round?

Fact: the more you immerse yourself the more your odds of success increase. Activate your FREE account now and take advantage of 24/7 On Demand On Device Unlimited business programming. Best of all there are…

No strings. No catches. No hassle.

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